About Us

About Fuego505

There’s something about cooking with family. The energy created in the gathering of our family kitchens makes food that much more special. It’s more than recipes, it’s more than cooking. it’s more than eating - it’s our culture…and it makes us who we are. Almost ten years ago, two cousins from Northern New Mexico set out to share their love of their native foods with others who had similar upbringings, It was humble beginnings under the guise of a grand plan: “To create the finest street food New Mexico had ever tasted”, and so we continue that mission.

2013… Act 1) StreetFoodBlvd Food Truck started as a dream… two entrepreneurs started with a thought that they could bring the tastes of their Northern NM upbringing to the streets of Albuquerque. “With nothing but a food truck and this dream, we were hoping to reach every corner of this beautifully culturally rich state we call home”. In 2019, we finally reached an important milestone, being voted ABQ Journal People’s Choice Food Truck. And the Awards have continued to pile on throughout our venture…

2016: Act 2): OhanaHut. We continued that mission – we aimed to be bold and defy the odds. Many said it couldn’t be done - but we tried it and never looked back. Nobody really dared to serve Sushi off a food truck –that was unheard of… they said it would never work. We tried it, they liked it, we tried it some more: Hence, OhanaHut was born. We’ve been serving amazing dishes for the past 6 years inside Marble Brewery WestSide Taproom – winning fans from all over New Mexico and beyond. In 2019, OhanaHut was chosen Best Sushi Takeout – Alibi Magazine.

2022: Now Chef Raul and his uniquely talented team of investors are now bringing you the next chapter - Fuego505: New Mexico Rotisserie, offering amazing cuts of beef, chicken, duck, and even delving into more exotic meats such as: RattleSnake, Rabbit, Elk, Bison, etc. Along with what we learned in the Brewery Industry working closely with Marble Brewing Co, we’ve learned the art of pairing amazing food creations with beer/wine. We are now taking it a step further with Spirits and the amazing creations from Matt Barela, whose 35+ years’ of experience working in the food/beverage industry is sure delight the senses alongside the creations of Chef Raul.

And so the Saga continues. There is much more to see, do and eat!!! We can’t wait to share this journey with you - our beloved and valued Patrons as we continue to grow and fine-tune our craft. We love food & the distinct flavors of New Mexico. We thank our patrons who have so graciously followed us throughout the years to get us to where we are now – cheers to all, hope to see you in our establishment soon! -Team Fuego505